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Full Days of Comprehensive Programming and Activities
Speakers Including Journalists, Researchers, Legal Experts and Renowned Authors
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Young Leaders from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Israel
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2023-2024 CAMERA Fellows and Coalition Group members pose with part of the CAMERA on Campus team.

For decades, the CAMERA on Campus team has worked diligently to make the brain trust of research, journalistic expertise and strategic insight of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting & Analysis (CAMERA) both comprehensive and accessible to college and university-age students around the world.


We believe that anti-Israel propaganda, rising anti-intellectualism and antisemitism on college and university campuses are serious issues that can only  addressed through the acknowledgment of the facts.


Year after year, students have depended on CAMERA on Campus to strike down libelous divestment resolutions, to educate their campus communities as well as exposure bigotry and dishonesty in the often innocuous-sounding rhetoric of anti-Israel speakers and student groups.


Nothing encompasses the efforts of CAMERA on Campus more than our International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC), the annual in-gathering of top student leaders from across North America, the United Kingdom and Israel.


At the conference, CAMERA on Campus offers exclusive trainings with members of our team on public speaking, event planning, writing and research.


CAMERA on Campus also invites a number of leading experts in the fields of journalism, public communications, leadership development, photography, social media,  and related disciplines to offer in-house briefings, hands-on training and mentorship.


We are grateful to our donors for the privilege of developing and sharing these much-needed resources with students in the fighting for truth and integrity in the battle against antisemitism and anti-Zionism.

Our Conference in the Press

CAMERA Prepares Students For The Fierce Battle Against Misinformation

For the first time in two years, students from universities across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Israel gathered in Boston, Massachusetts, for CAMERA’s 12th Annual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC). An intensive four-day conference packed with trainings, exclusive briefings, and team-building exercises, CAMERA’s ISLC equips...

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